Drug Education Has Been Added To The Curriculum By The Ministry Of Education

The addition of drug education in the curriculum for basic education by the Rivers State Universal Basic Education Board, is a huge step as it will control drug abuse and serve as an instrument to inculcate positive behaviour in young people as they gain more knowledge about drug intake effects.

The economic situation in the country has led many young people to take drugs as a way to abscond from the strain of failure and inactivity, which leads them to indulge in illegal activities.

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The development of the drug education curriculum will be on a three sided platform which will include assistance from parents, teachers and other individuals that drive education.

The inclusion of the drug education will not be limited to passing examinations, but will span outside the classroom work for effective change to occur in the society.

There is a popular saying that families make up the society. So therefore, the knowledge gotten from drug education will cause a ripple effect in the society at large.


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