Video Shoot Goes Gaga: Police Arrests An Actor in Barz “This Is Pitakwa” Video Shoot

In recent times the Nigerian Police have been seen arresting young men seen inside a vehicle claiming that they are suspects. An ugly incident occurred recently at the video shoot of Port Harcourt artist Barz.

Barz was shooting the video to his hit banger "This Is Pitakwa" when men from the Nigerian Police Force stormed the scene of the video shoot to arrest Press men.

The crew statement reads: "On reaching the venue we were surprised to be followed by Police officers in their van, this is after overtaking us at the location of the shoot. After much interrogation, they found out that we were only Press men coming for a shoot. Right about going, an officer spotted an actor on a Police uniform, the actor which is supposed to be featured in the video was thrown into the Police van before realizing himself."

It took the intervention of Barz manager "Jason Ezekiel" for the actor to be released after paying the sum of N4,000 at the Police station.


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