@phcitytv : Tell us about yourself.. Background,  who is Timeyin

@timeyin:  My name is Oritsetimein Victoria Arueyingho popularly known as Timeyin or the SheBoss. I was born on the 3rd of March 1996, I hail from Warri North in Delta state Nigeria and i'm a pharmacist by profession
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@phcitytv : hope say you and efemoney are brothers & sister..lol anyways Did you family support your choice of music and why rap music

@timeyin: Oh yes!  My family did support me from  the very start! But the condition for kick starting my career was to finish school with great grades first, so against all odds I left pharmacy school with a 4.1 CGPA and a B.pharm certificate

@phcitytvIs song of Solomon your biggest hit..?
@timeyin:  I don't think I have done my biggest hit yet!  You should hear my next song
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@phcitytv: In port harcourt  who is your favorite female musician
@timeyin. I don't know many of them, but my respect goes to Pamela Scott.

@phcitytv: Where did you grow up warri or port harcourt?
 @timeyin:  I grew up in Port harcourt

@phcitytv: Apart of gospel gang, phcomedy club where else big  Have you performed
 @timeyin:  I am not totally fixed in Port harcourt, I have performed in Lagos (i'm frequently there), South Africa, Calabar...

@phcitytv: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians? Phcity, Nigeria and beyond

@timeyin: The way you're restricting your questions to Port harcourt lol.. Biggest influence in Nigeria, that's gotta be MI.. He's number 1. Reminisce, Vector and Saeoun follow suit

@phcitytv: How would you describe your own style?
@timeyin:  Eccentric and Unique
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@phcitytv: Any big  collabo and who? 
@timeyin:  Hhehheeee.. We don't announce our moves until we make them

@phcitytv: Are you signed into any label
@timeyin: I'm an independent artiste, running my stuff under my own imprint.. Xcentriksway

@phcitytvIn what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?
@timeyin: I have definitely improved from style of writing to content delivery. I have been more on the alternative music side, but ofrecent.. I've been doing more hardcore stuff.

@phcitytvWhat are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?
 @timeyin: Just  Life

@phcitytvWho do you want to work with in the future?
@timeyin:  Any bad ass creative

@phcitytv: Give a shout out
 @timeyin:  Beatrice Njama Zoe... She's fire!!

@phcitytv: One word for upcoming musicians and your fans
@timeyin:  Stay focused and keep on pushing!! One day, pepper go rest

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  1. Download dis song. . She is dope but is she a gospel artist

  2. Dope... Keep it up