The issue of unemployment in our nation cannot be over emphasized as it is a major issue in the country. As a result of this circumstance many individuals have given their time to become entrepreneurs so as to earn a living. Amongst the different sectors in which different people have pitched their businesses, the food sector is one that is been flooded holding to the fact that people must eat. Hence, there is a reason to give this entrepreneurs a platform to be seen, known and be patronised.

As a form of giving back to the society, FOOD ARSENAL a Division of WEIGE INTEGRATED SERVICES presents our way of encouraging and empowering entrepreneurs in food and culinary business with the event PORT HARCOURT SHAWARMA FIESTA. This is an event organised with the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs and furthermore, to unite and bring fun to the people of the society as there will be games, music, comedy, competitions and lots of fun during the event. 
The event comes in the form of a trade fare focused but not limited to shawarma, as there will be opportunities for those in other kind of food business especially finger foods and none food related businesses.

shawarma fiesta  is aimed at showcasing food in a new and creative manner, bringing different people, from different works of life to an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Envision a situation where all you see is great food, good music, meeting up new friends, mixing and mingling. In that split second of imagining this, you feel at peace and smile.

Now this is what chow fair is here for “putting a smile on your faces”.

shawarma fiesta is here to turn your fantasies into reality. A chance at happiness and relief from all the hustles of life, even if it’s for two days. shawarma fiesta promises to be colorful, exciting and above all food filling.

How would you feel having different types of food, continental, African, deserts, snacks all at your disposal, at the cheapest rate you can ever imagine? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Come prepared, empty your stomachs and get ready to have a taste of the most sumptuous meals ever prepared.

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