GIBrands Business consultancy a subsidiary of GIBrands service is an innovative brand development, business building and management organization with branch in Rivers state and Imo state. As it’s our culture in revamping business and building ideas from a sketch board to a million naira worth of brand, the company with its innovative and tech savvy teams has been able to proffer top notch business consultancy services to more than thirty clients in its geographically polarize niche over the past one year of its inception, existence and launch. We not only help build brand, the company takes its pain in a bid to give our clients more gain  and generate revenue with  equity by organizing a thorough market research with marketing 

segmentation, market analysis, target market evaluation test, market potential data collection, SWOT & PEST Analysis check, targeted market niche to be conquered, understand the dominating strategy by analyzing our esteemed clients competitive and utilize their flops and weakness in the existing marketing in creating an unbeatable brand competitive advantage after building a work system and a business model that links the market, product, relationship, brand loyalty, pricing, product benefit, customer centric service and a properly fine tuned reward plan for consistent patronage.
GIBrands has build a niche and market winning strategy from pitching its amiable customers testimony and our guarantee service laced to a system developed overtime mastered through experience and build by professionalism and standardization.
Mission: Offering exceptional service delivery with professionalism and standardization
We are the centre of your business needs offering efficient business solutions to your organizational needs.
Vision: Be at the centre of every individual and corporate Needs
To be the best business consulting firm in the world with solutions fine-tuned to solve vast business needs.
Slogan: …Your need, our pride
Aim:  to proffer business solutions to brands
Core Value:
Exceptional service Delivery
Professionalism and standardization
High customer Centricity
Offer more value for less