STY Conference 2018 | Save The Youth |

WE SHOULD NOT SIT DOWN AND WATCH OUR YOUTHS MOVE OUT OF THEIR DESTINY. Let's come together and save them. a lot of them have big dreams and bright future just that they are confused.  

This event will have a bit of everything. thanks to all the artist wishing to perform already. God bless your hustle. please dont just come to perform, but to learn. my humble self and Isaac Nice are working really hard to make sure this event will be impactful. >>Tour of Secondary Schools in eket already completed. >> Friendly Match coming up few days to the event. >> a Visit to Charity home also in plan. i have a calling, but i hate the Pulpit. so my calling is to SAVE THE YOUTHS. It was not funny growing up to see lots of societal vises like; >> Teenage Pregnancy >> Teenage Cult Activities >> So many upcoming artist doing Drugs/Alcohol >> No medium of promotion for entertainers >> Lack of necessary Skills and information on how to take advantage of the internet (Social Media) to promote your Products and Services to the world. . . In this program, you'll learn how to conquer the above and; >> Why you need a second choice Career should incase music fails you. >> How to have multiple Streams of income. . . . God bless all our Supporters so far. God bless the youths of Akwa Ibom State. God bless the Nigerian youth.


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