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Negative effects of weed on your health

Nothing in life is perfect. As with all good things, consuming cannabis comes with some costs. As a responsible consumer, it’s up to you to decide whether or not the benefits are worth the harms. From person to person, that answer will be different.

Fortunately, though, many of the harms caused by cannabis can be reduced to a minimal impact. Many of the negative effects of marijuana come from the way that you consume the herb. Because of this fact, we’ve outlined what those effects are and how to minimize them in the sections below.

1. Paranoia
effects 11 The Effects Of Weed On Your Health
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Many of us have experienced it. You smoke a little too much herb and all of a sudden you’re freaking out because you think you look a little too stoned for the public eye. When it comes to cannabis and anxiety, imagine an inverted bell curve on a graph. You smoke a little bit, your anxiety level drops down. You smoke too much of an incredible high-THC strain, and that anxiety can shoot right back up again.

For more information on why cannabis eases anxiety but causes paranoia, check out the full article here.

2. Disorientation
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Don’t forget: THC is psychoactive. When you consume activated THC, you are taking a psychoactive substance. For newbie consumers, this can feel weird. When you are disoriented, your sense of place and purpose may seem bunk. You may feel like you’re not quite living in reality, or that you’re watching a show from afar. This feeling can be very uncomfortable for some people.

To others? The cerebral disorientation is enjoyable. Filled with laughter, a sense of peace, and a brighter outlook on the world. As you become more accustomed to cannabis, this disorientation subsides. Studies have even found that regular medical users are able to drive and function more or less on-par with the average non-smoking consumer. Others find that they have an easier time focusing on work and getting things done.

The truth is, this experience is different for everyone. If cannabis makes you uncomfortable, you may want to switch to a low-THC strain or avoid the plant. If you find that the benefits outweigh the harms? More power to you. You have the power, freedom, and ability to do what’s right for you.

3. Racing heart
effects 13 The Effects Of Weed On Your Health
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For up to three hours after smoking, cannabis may increase heart rate  Your heart is affected the most within the first hour of smoking the herb. In fact, a Boston study found that your risk of having a heart attack is 5 times that of a non-smoker during the first hour.

But don’t freak out! This number is only marginally higher than your risk of having a heart attack while having sex, or getting strenuous exercise. That risk also declines quite rapidly within the second and third hours after smoking. By comparison, your likelihood of having a heart attack while on cocaine is 25 times higher than average.

However, this racing heart may be troubling to those who have pre-existing heart conditions.Bottom line: if you feel like your heart is beating a little too fast, don’t risk it. Try not to exert yourself. Call an emergency medical professional if you experience intense pain like you’re having a heart attack. This racing heart occurs with high-THC strains.


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