Exclusive Interview: Emerging fashion brand (Anchor.Ice)

Exclusive Interview: Emerging fashion brand (Anchor.Ice)

If they told you that a flower can grow from the dark would you trust it? Today it has, the brand anchor.Ice is a focus in emerging fashion after taking to publish on social media with some nice concepts of fashion and style (anchor_ice@instagram.com) it had however been around the blocks for sometimes now and a lot of people can hardly say exactly what the brand was on to. Curiosity had started ranging in people's heart as they want to know exactly what's up. Guess what it's a fashion brand...

In an exclusive with the man behind this brand Ikechukwu Isaac Amah AKA Ice. Who obviously has also been media reluctant has just a few but really insightful things to say about the brand...
Question: can you introduce yourself in the best possible way?
Answer: (smiles) I am simply Ikechukwu Isaac Amah
Question: tell us a little more abt yourself?
Answer: ok then, like I said before am ikechukwu Isaac amah a graduate of wellspring university Benin city Edo state.
Question: you are the man behind the brand anchor.Ice right? So tell us about the brand
Answer: yes if u put it that way, am the man. Ehmm, anchor.Ice as a brand signifies just so much in prospects among which is fashion. A while back an acquaintance asked me... Are you a fashion designer? Honestly I couldn't settle to be called a fashion designer as it would not pick what we do. I am a creator, at least that's the closest thing I could think of. If there be a better way to address someone who creates a lifestyle trend then I could b addressed like so and that is what the brand is in every instance. However, we started in fashion and then the drive became insatiable so we decided to say it's a style brand that can make a statement with any piece irrespective of the tradename. I guess it's called fashion (chuckles) but we'll, fashion is a lifestyle and that's the picture of the whole story_ lifestyle"

Question: what exactly does anchorice offer?
Answer: to put it short and out there, anchor.Ice makes fashion pieces ranging from clothes, bags,  footwear, belts and some other fashion piece solely or in partnership or franchise with reputable production factories thus created and illustrated before production, we make pieces of our own design. It is like a dream it and make it theory!!!. Right now an sketching designs if fashion pieces and also producing on order.
We are also like a styling agent.... We style for movie and music video props and any other ocassions dat require styling including an  every day style advice.
We are also fashion influencers, fashionistas and representation.
Qustion: it's the end of the year, so what should people out there be expecting from your band
Answer: expectance is thrilling.... I would rather say watch and see.... Follow our timeline.... We can only promise the best
Question: do you want to send any shout out and also drop your social media handles?
Answer: yes please.... My shout out goes out to those who that supports the brand, audience and family....
Am on Instagram as: anchor_ice
Facebook page @ anchorice


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